Team rider – Xavier Van Innis

Date of birth : 19/02/2000
Home spot : Knokke (River Woods)
Best trick : What feels better than a big loop ?
Inspirational Atlete : Ruben Lenten
Quiver : North Orbit 7-8-9-12 with the North Atmos Carbon 136

Kitesurfing for you :

Kitesurfing for me is more than a strong passion, it’s a way of living. It gives me the opportunity to get out of the city for a day, a weekend or even a few weeks. It’s always so much fun to be on the water playing with the elements and sharing the stoke with friends.

Your nexts kite trip ?
A month in Mauritius is definately on my bucketlist for July 2021. But above all, I can’t wait to see the South African borders open up again and spend two weeks there this winter.
Most incredible memory : 
Undoutebly the sunset sessions in Cape town with my mates getting high on my weapon of choice: the Orbit.
Worst injury :
So far, I’ve been lucky on the injury side, compared to some of my mates.
However, I did twist my ankle a few years ago on a bad landing in shallow water. Besides that, my back hurts occasionally after a big crash, that’s why I tend to wear my impact vest more often when my adrenaline levels are pumping.